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Electronics World - Marantz DTS Virtual Mode

DTS Announces Virtual X Mode

November 20, 2017

Just in time for the holidays DTS, Digital Theater Sound, one of two notable surround sound chip companies, the other being Dolby, annouces the release of DTS Virtual X surround mode. Now available on Marantz NR1608, SR5012 and SR6012 surround sound receivers, Virtual X brings the dynamics of the center rear and high hat front channels found in movie theaters and all home 11.2 channel playback…

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Electronics World - Internet of Things Diagram

The IOT (Internet of Things)

January 21, 2017

The IOT (Internet of Things) or Why can’t our things just get along?


There’s a paradox in our ever increasing tech-dependent lives: While we yearn for ease of use, the “things” we purchase in the name of comfort and ease of use are more complicated than ever.

We purchase IoT and smart-home devices from…

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Electronics World - Hands on Crestron Home Automation

Hands on with Crestron home automation

December 14, 2016

Crestron has a deserved reputation for reliability, compatibility and being one of the most complete smart home systems available. Filmmaker Andrew Lucas documents a Chelsie space renovated to create a simulacrum of a home environment and demonstrate how Crestron can fit into each and every room of a residence.

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Electronics World - Bryston BDA-3 External DAC

Should I add an external DAC ?

So you own a nice sound system that incorporates both new digital sources and some legacy source components that you do not want to part with. A great way to increase the performance while maximizing dynamic range from all of these is to add an external DAC.

What is a DAC and What is it Used For?

A DAC, or digital to analog converter, converts digital signals into analog…

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Electronics World - New Sony Z Series TVs

Sony Announces New Z Series Televisions

We are approaching the time of the year where tech companies start to release their new products to the market. Most of us tech geeks are anxiously waiting for Apple’s new MacBook Pro release (a product that has not received any love in the past three years), and the new Nexus phones, which will run the new Android operating system code named “Android N.” But for now, us…

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Electronics World - Structured Wiring - The Heartbeat of a Home

The Heatbeat of a Home

For well over 100 years, the telephone was the primary means of communication in our lives - first at home and then on the go. Today, the Internet is the backbone of communications, enabling us to talk, text, email, video chat, stream or download all forms of media and access information anywhere, anytime.


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Electronics World - Hiring a Professional to Mount Your TV

Why Hire A Professional to Mount Your TV

In the market for a new flat screen TV? Instead of purchasing an expensive entertainment center, it is often easier and cost effective to mount it on the wall. Wall mounting allows you to save valuable space in your home by putting the TV anywhere in the room. Further, some wall mounts have swivels that allow you to adjust the viewing angle, giving you more flexibility. If you have decided to…

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Electronics World - 3 Factors for Home Automation

Three Factors for Automating

Are you ready to automate your home? If so, you’re likely doing so for one of three factors: fear, fun, or function. At least that’s what research firm Argus Insights surmises from information gathered in a recent study of consumer attitudes toward home technology. “We see smart home adoption being driven by three factors: fear, fun,…

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Electronics World - Cox Mini Box Concerns

Concerns about Cox Mini Box are rampant

From Norfolk to

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Electronics World - Smart Home Lighting

Lighting is the Cornerstone of the Smart Home

The ability to turn lights on and off from a keypad, controller, or smartphone may not sound all that essential. Once you have that type of system though, it’s downright addictive. Attaching technology to everyday tasks can turn the mundane into something super-cool. After all, a…

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