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Luma Surviellance is a world wide major manufacturer and ISO 9001:2008 certified Distributor of high definition surveillance products and accessories. With a prestigious history of over 15 years offering high-quality, cutting edge products along with exceptional customer service, Bolide has become one of the fastest growing companies and most sought after suppliers in the industry.

Installation of a BV5009

Luma provides a complete line of surviellance equipment from cameras, Digital Video Recorders, matrix systems and monitors to accessories such as cables, connectors and power supplies. Moreover, Luma continues to add new technologies to its already extensive line of video surviellance products & accessories to meet the constantly growing demand of Electronics World clients.

Electronics World specifies the full array of high definition network IP and coaxial HD cameras from Luma.

Example of a Luma 500M2M, a IP 1080P network camera installed below a soffit that views the garage door and driveway area of a home in Tioga.



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