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Panamax is the country's pre-eminent manufacturer of electrical protection, filtration and power control products. For over 30 years they have achieved an international reputation for their unique solutions to the worldwide problem of power disturbances and has earned numerous industry awards for the quality and variety of its products.

Electronics World specifies Panamax power strip protection, component conditioning and power management devices into every installation. These devices provides piece of mind to our clients knowing their system is protected against surge and lightning damage, that stable electrical power is operating the system and should anything occur Panamax's IP based products can allow us to remotely diagnoise and correct power problems should they occur.

Florida is the lightning capitol of the United States and experiences thunderstorms on nearly one-third of the days in a year. Its unique geography is a key reason why Florida earns this distinction, especially during the summer. The Gulf of Mexico, to the west, and the Atlantic Ocean, to the east, surround the state and help to keep a warm and moist environment in place. This environment combines with strong summer sunshine, which heats the ground and causes warm air to rise. This creates small frontal boundaries along the east and west coasts, called sea breezes. These sea breezes push inland through the afternoon and allow thunderstorms to develop along the boundary. These boundaries often collide over the Central Florida Peninsula and generate additional thunderstorms that could become large and severe. This past summer in the space of 2 weeks, our repair department took in 32 tvs for repair due to surge related issues. Many of those tvs were in homes with "whole home surge protectors" installed at the breaker panel. Unfortunately, surges do not neccessarily come in over the powerlines. Often network lines and cable lines also act as the conduit for the surge. It is important to also protect those lines. We can confidently say that in all 32 of those cases, properly installed surge protection from Panamax would have pevented the damage. Don't be a statistic, call Electronics World to discuss which of the Panamax range is right for your application. Electronics World is the best place to get Panamax in Gainesville, Ocala, Lake City, Palatka, Newberry, Reddick, Trenton, Chiefland, Bronson, Keystone Heights, Melrose, Hawthorne, Cedar Key, Summerfield.



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